5 Common Dog Breed Health Issues

Whenever the dog is sick number of symptoms are seen like Vomiting, diarrhea, low energy, and fever 

1. Sick Dog Symptoms

The dog never tells us what changes happened in there it's our responsibility to regularly observed our pets and give medical treatment 

2. Dog Health Issues by Size

If the dog is short their issue is dental, pain in the legs, Patellar Luxation, and difficulties in running

If the Dog breed is large their issues are joint bone pain, bloat, gastric torsion, and some breath  problems occurs 

Common problems in dogs are skin damage, allergies, a dental problem, and nose/ear infection 

3. General Health Issues In dog 

To avoid all common issues do regular exercise, bath, and brushing of dogs and mainly medical routine 

It varies by the age of the dog If the Dog breed age is in between 0-7 years loses teeth, growth concern, and vaccination 

4. Health Issue by Dog Breed Age

If the dog's age is above 7 years then problems are like kidney problem, cancer, dental issues, and Arthritis

5. How to Keep Dogs Healthy

Providing proper diet, regular exercise, maintaining proper healthy weight and height keep dop clean and clear by doing regular bathing 

Grooming dogs regularly keep away them from diseases. Provide them positive environment and spend some time with them it makes them happy