7 Types of Boxer Dog Breeds & Their Specialty 

German Boxer Dog is the purest Boxed dog breed. This dog breed is larger as compared to American and un boxer dog breeds

1. German Boxer Dog

2. United Kingdom Boxer Dog

United Kingdom Boxer Dog is most intelligent and smart as compared to others. this breed is also called as English dog breeds

American Boxer Dog is one of the strongest and brown & blackish color dogs. this is the last developed boxer variant 

3. American Boxer Dog

4. Brindle Boxer Dog

Brindle Boxer Dog is mainly observed in the UK and European areas. This dog breed is very energetic and enthusiastic. They are very familiar with children

White Boxer Dogs are very powerful and dangerous. they have red-colored spots surrounding the eyes. They don't have the tail

5. White Boxer Dog

Black Boxer Dogs are actually not in black color they are in red and blackish colored. These dogs are very strong and powerful muscles.

6. Black Boxer Dog

Fawn Boxer is one of the most common boxed dog breeds. they are in brown color. also, they have solid tan color

7. Fawn Boxer