Dog Breed Can Be Left Alone

1. Greyhound

Greyhound is not socially active dog they always want to stay away from crowd 

Greyhound is very calm and humble dogs. they don't have that much bond with people. They are loyal but not suitable for families 

2. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is sweet and cute dogs breed they most popular in the USA.

Lhasa Apso is mainly known for its short height and long hair. They never play games with children or elders

3. Basset Hound

Basset Hound is looking similar to foxes. Basset Hound normally live in forest areas away from crowded areas 

Basset Hound is most likely used in farms to guard crops. they most calm and cool dogs They love enjoying their own company 

4. Maltese

Maltese is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are famous for being polite and calm.

Maltese are very cute and the prettiest dog. they don't like playing games with families. they mostly live lonely 

Shiba Inu is another most popular dog breed in the world. they are very energized and enthusiast 

5. Shiba Inu

This medium-sized dog breed loves walking and traveling. they are also very loyal to their owner but they don't  talk with people