Top 8 Dog Breeds For Search And Rescue Work

The tall head and big nostrils and ears of the bloodhound aid in the dog's ability to detect scents in the environment. 

1. Bloodhound

These slender, slim dogs were designed for hunting, so they have the stamina to run and search for miles at a time.

2. Coonhound

The border collie, renowned for herding sheep, is a superior SAR dog. Nothing makes a border collie happier than working hard for a prize.

3. Border Collie

4. German Shepherd

German shepherds have always collaborated with their human handlers. These courageous, devoted canines are the most popular breeds utilized by the military and law enforcement.

Newfoundlands can swim well in practically any body of water and were originally developed as fishing dogs. They are superb swimmers thanks to their webbed paws and thick, shaggy coats.

5. Newfoundland

They consistently place highly on lists of desirable dog characteristics, including as intelligence, openness to learning, and loyalty.

6. Labrador Retriever

The beagle, the smallest of the hounds, excels at tracking because he can get down close to the ground. Beagles are observant dogs.

7. Beagle

8. St. Bernard

In the 1600s, these enormous, shaggy canines were first brought to the Menthon Monastery as guard dogs.