Top 10 Most Dumbest Dog Breeds

1. Afghan hound

According to Coren's research, the Afghan hound has the lowest IQ of all dog breeds, while being one of the most expensive dogs in the world. 

2. Basenji

The basenji might not actually be "dumb" per se, but rather just uninterested in the relationships that typically come with obedience training.

3. English bulldog

All these bulldog breeds have a lot of supporters. And that includes English bulldogs, which according to Coren's research rank third among dog breeds in terms of intelligence. 

4. Chow chow

The Chow Chow was named one of the stupidest dog breeds by the AKC, and according to them, "There is probably furniture out there that is more trainable than chows."

5. Borzoi

According to Coren the borzoi, one of the world's fastest canines, is also regarded as one of the dumbest dog breeds. Despite the fact that the quick borzoi requires a lot of mental exercises

6. Bloodhound

The bloodhound, also known as the sleuth hound, is docile and friendly with its owners and is the best creature on earth in finding missing people.

7. Pekingese

According to the AKC, Pekingese dogs frequently show their people a lot of affection. Peeks is also obedient and sociable with other dogs, children, and strangers.

8. Beagle

Although beagles are energetic dogs, they, like many other breeds, tend to become less energetic as they age. Avoid getting a Beagle puppy.

9. Mastiff

One of the best security dogs is the mastiff, but it doesn't get there covertly. One of the most popular domestic dog breeds in the world is the submissive but dignified mastiff.

10. Basset hound

Basset hound is one of the dumbest dog breeds they are known for their laziness. never adopt this dog they also learn slowly