Top 5 Goofiest Dog Breeds


Boxer is one of the goofiest dog breeds because of their enthusiastic and energetic nature.

1. Boxer

Boxer is a very popular dog breed they are very silly and charming which makes them entertaining dogs breed. 

2. Bulldog

Bulldog is the second goofiest dog breed because of their comical and friendly behavior

Bulldog is a very active and playful and happy dog breed and their wrinkle skin makes them more beautiful 

Pug is the third most goofiest dog breed because of their boorish nature

3. Pug

Clownish conduct and amused facial expressions contribute to their endearing and humorous nature.

Dachshund is the fourth goofiest dog breed because of their funny and playful activity 

4. Dachshund

Their mischievous and humorous behavior is frequently attributed to their unique and elongated body shape.

5. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is the fifth most goofiest dog breed because of their friendly and happy nature

They have an outgoing personality that frequently results in mischievous making them endearing and lovable goofballs.

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