Top 10 Gorgeous Tricolor Dog Breeds

The typical color-block tricolor pattern of the Entlebucher has two brown markings that resemble expressive eyebrows, a white breast blaze, and a body is black. 

1. Entlebucher Mountain Dog 

The beagle, a little hound that makes a great family pet, is unquestionably the most recognizable tricolor cutie. Brown, Black, and white color observed 

2. Beagle

The Bernese mountain dog, also known as a Berner, is a robust working breed with adorableness fit for a calendar. This dog with tri colors is very cute 

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

4. Basset Hound

This dog is a brownish, white, and black dot. Due to his small size, many people are surprised by his big-dog bay. He is a calm puppy with an old-soul appeal.

Tricolor is one of the several coat patterns available for pit bulls. Because of his short hair, maintaining his excellent looks is simple and only takes the occasional brushing.

5. Pit Bull

It's impossible not to adore the bull terrier, a clownish charmer with a skull fashioned like a potato. He is well renowned for his silly antics and upbeat disposition.

6. Bull Terrier

The Pomeranian, a spunky spitz with lots of energy, comes in a variety of hues and patterns, including tricolor. 

7. Pomeranian

8. Papillon

the whole body is white-brown shaped on the face and black on the body The papillon is a toy breed with a zest for life that earned its name from its ears that resemble butterflies. 

9. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss mountain dogs resemble Bernese mountain dogs in many aspects, and they both share a similar appearance with short-haired variations. 

Australian shepherds, sometimes known as "Aussies," are the canine chameleons due to their wide array of colors and patterns, such as tricolor and merle. 

10. Australian Shepherd