Top 7 Korean Dog Breed That Looks Cute and Small

1. Korean Jindo

The Korean Jindo is by far the most well-known. they are white, brown, or cream in hue. A Spitz-like breed with a focus on pack hunting is the Jindo.

2. The Korean Mastiff 

One of the rarest breeds in the world is the dosa dog. For this reason, kennel clubs in America and the UK still do not recognize them.

3. Sapsali Dog

The Sapsali Dog is known for his loyalty They look like lions because of their shaggy fur. Their amicable demeanor and disposition

4. Nureongi Dog

No one is certain of these dogs' actual ancestry, although some people think they are an old Korean landrace that predates the Jindos.

5. Pungsan Dog

The Pungsan dog resembles the Jindo in appearance. They are typically a little fluffier than their equivalents.

6. Donggyeongi Dog

They are an ancient Korean breed, but Japanese miniatures of them looked too much like Komainu. Theae dog is very cute and humble 

7. Jeju Dog

One of the main Korean islands, Jeju, is situated past the country's southernmost point. Even inside Korea, the Jeju dog is a very unusual breed that is native to the island.