8 Best Korean Dog Breeds

Korean Jindo dogs are one of the popular dog breeds. They are mainly known for their loyalty, humbleness and friendly

1. Korean Jindo Dogs

 Most people think Korean Jindo is the national animal of Korea. they are mainly observed on Jindo island 

2. Korean Mastiff

Korean Mastiff is also known as Dosa gae. They are very large and stronger dog breed

Korean Mastiffs are naturally very humble. sweet and calm dog breeds. They are historically used as protection of farm and house 

Donggyeongi originates from the Gyeongju region of South Korea. Physically and mentally they are very strong

3. Donggyeongi

Gyeongju is very popular in the local area due to its character. They mainly used to guard farm

Sapsali dog also known as Korean Sapsali dogs which is medium in size and have long hairs 

4. Sapsali

Sapsali look like a lion cub just because of its coat color and size. They are also known as the luckiest dog

5. Nureongi

Nureongi is one of the cutest and most popular dog breeds. They are pretty and smart

Nureongi is part of the traditional culture of Korea. they are very good lucking for families and children 

Pungsan Dogs are very confident, intelligent, and courageous dog breeds. They love hunting. They also loyal to their owner 

6. Pungsan Dog

Pungsan Dog is one the most attractive dogs originating from the Pungsan region in North Korea. They are very loyal to their family

Jeju Dogs name is based on Jeju island which is the southern coast of Korea. They are very quick and active

7. Jeju Dog

Jeju Dogs are very aggressive and they are severely in the south Korean military.

Korean Maltese is cute and lovable dogs. they are popular all over the world 

8. Korean Maltese

Korean Maltese is small in size and has long hairy dogs. Korean Maltese also known as friendly and enjoyable dog breeds.