Top 10  Merle Dog Breeds which Makes You Happy

1. Dapple Dachshund

Merle "Dapple" is a nickname for dachshunds. Among Dachshunds, the merle gene is relatively uncommon and not frequently observed.

2. Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd is one of the most common Merle dog breeds. Almost 40% of Australian shepherds are Merle. They are high maintenance cost required

3. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Although merle-patterned Corgis are uncommon, the AKC breed standard specifically permits merle-colored Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

4. Pyrenean Shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherds are the most popular Merle dog breeds. They are mostly observed in Europe and also in North America.

5. Bergamasco Shepherd

Bergamasco Shepherd most loveable and favourite Merle dog breed. This dogs are mostly Take care and grow up in Italy. Grey and black is most common color of this dogs

6. Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dog come from Louisiana they are very unique dog species. they are strong, athletic and energetic dog breed

7. Koolie

Another breed with merle markings and extremely high exercise requirements are the Koolie. This dog also very enthusiastic and energetic and originated in Australia

8. Sheltie

Sheltie are familiar and most popular Merle dog breed. They are extremely intelligent and they learn very fast and adopt new things easily

9. Great Danes

Great Danes best is known for its height, strength, and energetic dog breed. Blue Great Danes are almost Merle dog breeds

10. Border Collie

Border Collie dogs are mostly in black and white color. These dogs are very humble and loyal. These dogs also originated in Australia