Top 5 Best Milky Dog Breed


Bichon Frise is considered a milky dog breed because of its white and curly coats

1. Bichon Frise

Their white coats look like milky white they give the perfect milky-way  appearance 

2. Maltese

Maltese is the  second milky dog breed due to their long and silky white hairs

Maltese white silky coats exactly look like milky white with elegant and beautiful way

Samoyed is not a perfect milky dog breed but its white double coats give milky-way appearance 

3. Samoyed

Samoyed is one of the milky dog breeds which has friendly and humble nature towards you.

West Highland White Terrier is preferred as milky dog because of their heavy white coats.

4. West Highland White Terrier

Their heavy white coats give them clear milky white appearances 

5. Kuvasz

Kuvasz is another milky white dog breed due to their dense white coats.

Kuvasz has some creamy coat on the body combination of both give amazing appearances 

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