Aries is a loving personality. For Aries, lady lipstick should be bold and loving like Orangey-red shade

Aries- orangey red shade

Gemini are bold and confident ladies Air is a sign it represents freedom so lipstick color bold red with slight hints of pink

Gemini - bold red with slight pinkish

Earth is a sign for the Taurus zodiac sign so these ladies are humble and grounded. lipstick shade is cool-toned pink nude

Taurus- cool toned pink nude

Water is a sign of Cancer it represents cool and calm these ladies are very creative and focused. The lipstick shade is Cool toned pink

Cancer - cool toned pink

Leo Ladies are very pretty they have beautiful face and their lips are perfect. The lipstick shade is a coral orange with hints of red

Leo - coral orange with hints of red

Libra ladies are so beautiful they don't need any external makeup lips Libra ladies are perfect recommend is simply Red shaded

Libra - simply Red shaded

Virgo has an earth sign which represents beauty for Virgo ladies our recommendation is brown nude with hints of orange 

Virgo - brown nude with hints of orange

Scorpion ladies are very powerful and determined they always focus. our pick is a deep berry colour

Scorpio  - deep berry colour

Capricorn ladies look confident they are free minded never judge. our pick for Capricorn is muted pink lipstick

Capricorn - muted pink lipstick

Pisces ladies are very ambitious they never give up. our pick for a lady is Peachy nude with red

Pisces - peachy nude with red