Top 10 Small Shaggy Dog Breeds 

1. Barbet

The shaggy coats of French duck hunting dogs called "barbets" gave them that name.  You definitely like this dog breed

2. Bearded Collie

Greetings from a Scottish Highlands shaggy dog! The long coats of bearded collies kept them warm while they were used to herd cattle. 

3. Bergamasco Sheepdog

People can be stopped in their tracks by the coat of the Italian Bergamasco Sheepdog. It is quite simple to maintain once you've divided the three distinct types

4. Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are extremely intelligent, sensitive guard dogs who were originally bred to serve as military dogs in Russia. With work to do and lots of exercise.

5. Bouvier Des Flandres

In their native Belgium, Bouvier des Flandres have two coats to shield them from the weather. These smarties are recognized for being even-tempered in addition to being active

6. Briard

Talk about a loyal lifelong companion! Briards, a breed of ancient French guard and herding dogs, excel in keeping their loved ones company and safe.

7. Collie

Collies are intelligent herding dogs found in England and Scotland. They have two different coat types: smooth and rough. Collies with rough coats are more frequently associated with breed

8. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels are a great option for dog owners who have allergies because of their waterproof, hypoallergenic coat. The shag on this dog is curlier-cut.

9. Komondor

The Komondor might take home the prize for shaggiest dog breed. These dogs have long, corded fur that sways gracefully as they walk, similar to Bergamasco Sheepdogs and Pulis.

10. Puli

Even though Pulis are smaller than Komondors, they nonetheless have beautiful cords and amiable personalities. These intelligent dogs are from Hungary.