Top 5 Stupidest Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound is one of the most stupid dog breeds because of its unfriendliest and lonely nature. 

1. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are known for their aloof and independent nature. they don't like to spend time with family.

2. Bulldog

Bulldog is the second most stupidest dog breed due to his humble and shy nature.

Bulldogs, despite their placid and relaxed demeanor, occasionally exhibit aberrant behaviors.

3. Basenji

Basenji is the third most stupid dog breed because of their miss behave nature and slowlyness.

This behavior can lead to misunderstandings regarding their responsiveness and communication skills.

4. Borzoi

Borzoi is another stupidest dog breed because of its lazy and slow learning nature.

 people who are known for their grace and elegance exhibit behavior that could be considered peculiar.

5. Basset Hound

Basset Hound is the fifth stupidest dog breed due to their low reaction and inactive nature.

This dog breed is also known for slow learning they don't like exercise and ground activities.

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