Top 10 largest dog breeds in the world

Due to its massive size, weight, and stunning overall appearance, this breed has risen to the top spot on this list of 10. 

1. Mastiff (English)

At first glance, St. Bernards resemble gigantic teddy bears. Their devoted eyes make you fall in love with them, and you would do anything to cuddle them.

2. Saint Bernard

The Great Dane is as big-hearted as he is large. She is commonly referred to as the "big lap dog" because of this. However their stately walk and high appearance also add to their appeal.

3. Great Dane

Dogs of the Akbash breed are Turkish in origin. Its name translates to "white head" in Turkish. He wears a fluffy white coat, which is fitting.

4. Akbash

The Borzoi, a kind of greyhound with a long, flowing coat, can run as fast as any other canine breed.

5. Borzoi

With its mane and dark mask, this breed resembles a lion. Additionally, it fits the lion on Leonberg's city coat of arms, which is where the Leonberger originated.

6. Leonberger

The phrase mountain dog from the Pyrenees or "Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées" is French in origin. Because of this he is also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dog in German.

7. Chien De Montagne Des PyrÈnÈes

Although the Landseer is a highly bright and perceptive dog breed, their close relationship with their family is even stronger.

8. Landseer

One of the biggest dog breeds in the world is the Irish Wolfhound. Despite the possibility that the Wolfhound and wolf are connected

9. Irish Wolfhound

The Kangal is a canine breed with a long history. In Turkey's mountainous regions, they guard flocks of sheep from bears and other raptors.

10. Kangal Shepherd Dog