Top 10 Most Popular hound dog breeds

1. Afghan Hound

In terms of pedigree, the Afghan hound is tough to beat. The history of the middle east spans thousands of years and includes dogs that are similar to the present Afghan.

2. Basset Hound

Basset hounds are one of those iconic dog breeds that are instantly identifiable to just about anyone, and they have long been favored by both hunters and families.

3. Bloodhound

It's uncommon for any animal to be able to say that it is better than anyone else in the world at something, the aristocratic Bloodhound has the best sense of smell in the world.

4. Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhounds, one of the AKC's tallest breeds, are gentle giants of the canine world. And by huge, we really mean it.

5. Basenji

A versatile, skilled hunter in its native Africa, the Basenji joined the Afghan as one of the oldest hound breeds.

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks are another powerful, well-built hound breed that was developed for lion hunting. They are loyal and humble 

7. Beagle

Even casual dog fans are able to instantly recognize the beagle as another renowned breed. This makes you happy and entertains you.

8. Dachshund

The name "dachshund" translates from German as "badger dog," which belies these small dogs' hunting heritage. This dog is a good friend of children 

9. Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish deerhound, a breed that is closely linked to the Irish wolfhound and is also quite tall and extremely powerful, and energetic

10. Whippet

Whippets are small, slim canines that are great for city people since they rarely bark and need surprisingly little exercise.