Top 10 Russian Dog Breeds

The reason these cuddly canines are always grinning is because they were raised in Russia. Because Samoyeds were bred to function at Siberia's subzero temps

1. Samoyed

One of the most well-known Russian dog breeds is the Siberian husky, which is kind, mischievous, and athletic. They know for their pointy ears

2. Siberian husky

These puppies are pure Russian royalty. The Russian aristocracy's favored hound, the Borzoi was initially trained to hunt wolves, foxes, and hare.

3. Borzoi

4. Russian black terrier

The outcome of this work was the Russian Black Terrier. The dogs were used to police Russian prisons, military bases, and borders throughout the 1930s.

This enormous Russian dog breed was developed to protect sheep from raptors in the Caucasus mountain range of Eastern Europe.

5. Caucasian shepherd

one of the world's sharpest breeds. The Russian toy dog breed shares a tragic and difficult history with a number of other Russian canine breeds.

6. Russian toy

This breed's name translates to "Russian colored lapdog," and we think it describes it perfectly. playful, devoted, and amiable

7. Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka

8. Sulimov

The Russian airline Aeroflot created the jackal-dog hybrid known as Sulimov which resembles a fox. There are only about 70 of these uncommon dogs left and they are all owned by the business.

9. Russian spaniel

The Russian Spaniel was bred, like other gun dogs, to startle birds into the air and then catch them when they fell to the ground.

Originally bred in the Yakutia region of Siberia for hunting, herding, and sledding, this working breed dog is renowned for its energetic personality.

10. Yakutian Laika