Top Most Funniest Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Sagittarius is most funniest zodiac sign They are clever and their sense of humor is very good they never take load and pressure

1. Sagittarius

Libra people are known for their friendly nature they are  happy faces if anyone around Libra they get bored

2. Libra

Gemini are the third most funniest people Geminis are social butterfly Gemini also has the rare ability to poke fun at others

3. Gemini

Aries are known for their good sense of humor they are naturally talented they have leadership quality always supportive

4. Aries

Scorpios are known for their communication skills they love to talk people and laugh them they also good in stand up comedy

5. Scorpio

Virgo comes in sixth position in the funniest zodiac sign they love acting and write jokes for people there sarcasm is good

6. Virgo

Pisces are very good storytellers many famous Pisces are comedians they do stand-up comedy Like Aziz Ansari

7. Pisces

Cancer is the last one on over list these people are amazing in making fun. they pull legs everyone not in the serious mode

8. Cancer