Top 5 Clever Dog Breeds

1. Border collie

The border collie is ranked first as a clever dog breed. They are known for their intelligence

The border collie is one of the most active and enthusiastic dog breeds. 

2. Poodle

Poodle is the second most clever dog breed on the list. They are also loyal and humble to their family 

Poodle is a very good family dog they have great reputations as clever family dog.

3. German Shepherd

The German shepherd is another loyal and intelligent breed. they are known for their discipline

German shepherds are also very good hunting breeds. they have great past record 

4. Doberman pinscher

The Doberman pinscher is the fourth clever dog breed. my personal favourite dog breed

Doberman pinscher is the popular dog because of their intelligence, loyalty, and athletic 

5. Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog is the fifths clever dog breed. they love exercise and training sessions 

Shetland sheepdog is a package dog breed they are multi-talented. They protect you and your family in critical condition

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