Top 4 Most Evil Zodiac Signs

1. MOST EVIL: Scorpio

This sign is extremely evil. scorpion  think very bad and complex to others

Scorpio represents the dark side This represents the creation and destruction that's inherent in Scorpio.

2. MOST EVIL: Virgo

Virgo is known for their critical thinking they down an opponent with this skills

Virgos are two-faced personalities they are selfish Mideast. they have anger issue

3. MOST EVIL: Capricorn

Capricorns are a great criminal mindset they are not afraid to try the most dangerous tactics

Capricorns are not caring much about others they bullish opponents by using abusive words

4. MOST EVIL: Aquarius

Aquarius is caring and cool but if they are angered they lose control and take dangerous step

Aquarius plays mind games against opponents to harm them with evil mind