June 29 Zodiac Sign detail Explanation 

June 29 Zodiac sign overview

According to Hellenistic astrology, those born on June 29 fall under the astrological sun sign of Cancer.

June 29 zodiac sign element

Cancer is an water sign it represent that they are cool and calm they are the most ambitious of all the water signs

They are excellent at coming up with ideas, but they might need assistance from others for the execution.

June 29 zodiac sign symbol

The symbol for the Cancer sign is the Crab. Cancer is ruled by Moon Cancer people are very intelligent and smat

June 29 zodiac sign constellation

constellation are very important in zodiac sign it represents your character this persona are loyal and humble

June 18 zodiac sign ruling planet

The ruling planet of the Cancer sign is Moon it represents coolness and calmness they have ability to handle stress