10 Leo Zodiac Tattoo Ideas That Are Fit For You

You can construct a constellation out of lions, get your constellation outside of your lion, or level up.

Instead of actually sprinting naked across a sunflower field, get this tattoo. The alternative is far less harsh: corn fields.

We have always enjoyed drawing with connect the dots. The only way we could sketch is what we mean by "preferred," thus

Crowns of flowers have been replaced by flower glyphs. A pollen-filled struggle for supremacy ensued.

Why not get a tattoo that illustrates how the sun is actually wrapped around your finger? We all know the sun rotates around you.

Relax, you tiger. The eye of the lion is guaranteed to be equally as effective at spreading rumors.

You may display both your creativity and your forearm in this tiny Leo window. You truly have the best in the area.

Sunflowers, a Leo glyph tattoo, orange slice earrings, and a crystal crown...Why is there no kitchen sink?

You may be under the Sun's sway, yet you can still love the Moon. Just make sure they don't sit next to each other at the meal for your birthday.

Here's one by Rhian McIntosh if you're a little less roar and a little more meow.