Top 10 Taurus Zodiac Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

Venus is the ruler planet  Taurus people are continually looking for love and are quite possessive in relationships.

1. Venus Tattoo

The constellation that represents Taurus in the northern celestial hemisphere is the second sign on the list of astrology and horoscope signs.

2. Taurus Constellation Tattoo

The letter T could be inked on your wrist, ankle, or waist. This tattoo would be incredibly adaptable.

3. The letter T

You can have a tattoo of a lovely fairy with bull horns if you like.

4. A Fairy with Bull Horns Tattoo

You might incorporate another zodiac sign into your existing zodiac tattoo design.

5. Combine it with another Zodiac Tattoo

This would allow you to tattoo a bull while also lessening the wild masculinity.

6. Bull Head Outline Tattoo

The zodiac sign of Taurus resembles an outline of a bull's head. This might be inked on your waist or the back of your neck as a tattoo.

7. Taurus Zodiac Tattoo

The bull is the animal that represents the Taurus zodiac, and you can have a tattoo of one on your body.

8. The Bull Tattoo

The word could be inked on your upper back, wrist, ankle, or lower back.

9. Taurus Tattoo

This tattoo would prevent misunderstandings and be quite artistic as well. You might incorporate colored accents.

10. Bull head with Taurus written Underneath