top 10 most compatible zodiac signs

Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs that are highly emotional and intuitive.

1. Cancer & Scorpio

preferably once... It's basically a typical component of human mating behavior, and some of us give it more weight than others.

2. Sagittarius & Leo

The occasionally reserved Virgo might take some time to open up to our trusty Taurus companion.

3. Virgo & Taurus

Finally, the twins make their first appearance on our list thanks to Gemini's pairing with Libra, which tips the scales.

4. Gemini & Libra

The following piece on our list continues our discussion of Capricorns, this time assisting Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, in finding love.

5. Aquarius & Capricorn

A Taurus and a Capricorn may feel as though they have known each other their entire lives and put their long-term interests first.

6. Taurus & Capricorn

For better or worse, the water signs of the zodiac are known for being an emotional lot, therefore they can make for some very compatible matches.

7. Scorpio & Pisces

When a strong wind gust fans the best kind of flames, they burn brightest.

8. Leo & Libra

This couple likewise has a common element, but it is Earth this time. But in this case, we have two Type A personalities who are active and strong-willed.

9. Capricorn & Virgo

Fire is the element for both the zodiac signs of Aries and Sagittarius, which typically connotes the collision of two fiery characters.

10. Aries & Sagittarius